ASDA Mobile is now offering 4G internet, with 2GB of extra free data on all Pay As You Go bundles.

In the UK, ASDA Mobile has just launched their 4G service following the recent renewal of their contract to provide a service on EE. The launch of 4G internet gives ASDA Mobile customers a download speed up to five times faster than 3G. They’ll get 97% population coverage on EE’s 4G network, and an extra 2GB per month of free data on all Pay As You Go bundles until the 27th June.

In this article, we’ll review the new 4G service from ASDA Mobile. We’ll look at the 4G bundles available on ASDA, what you’ll need to use it on your phone and the level of coverage you can expect. We’ll also look at how to keep your existing phone number if you’re switching to ASDA Mobile to take advantage of the new service.

4G on ASDA Mobile

In the UK, ASDA Mobile launched their 4G service on the 5th April 2017 using coverage from EE.

4G Bundles & Pricing

ASDA Mobile has just launched their new 4G service, making use of coverage from EE.

ASDA Mobile’s 4G pricing has remained exactly the same as on their old 3G-only service.

If you’re a light user, you can pay as you go with no regular monthly charges at 8p/minute, 4p/text and 5p/MB. Your credit will not expire providing you use your SIM card at least once every 270 days.

If you’re a regular mobile user, it will be much better value converting your credit into a 30-day bundle. This is particularly the case with the 2GB of extra free data currently being offered on all 30-day bundles. At present, this means you can get 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 2.1GB of 4G internet for £5/month. Alternatively, the popular £10 bundle currently includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 3.5GB of internet.

ASDA Mobile1252,000250MB£5.00
ASDA Mobile300Unlimited1GB£7.00
ASDA Mobile600Unlimited3GB£10.00
ASDA Mobile800Unlimited4GB£12.00
ASDA Mobile1,000Unlimited6GB£15.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited9GB£20.00
ASDA MobileUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£25.00

ASDA Mobile’s 4G bundles (with 2GB of additional free data until the 27th June 2017). After the 28th June, data allowances will return to the normal amount.

2GB Monthly Free Data

Customers can receive 2GB/month of extra free data until the 27th June 2017.

As a special offer between now and the 27th June 2017, ASDA is providing 2GB of additional free data each time you buy a 30-day bundle. If you were to order a SIM card today and purchase a recurring 30-day bundle, you’d be able to benefit from the increased data allowance for 3 months.

Talk & Text and Data Only bundles are excluded from the offer (you must choose one of the all-round 30-day bundles listed above). For most people, we’d probably recommend the £5 bundle which comes with 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 2.1GB of data during the offer period.

If you don’t buy a 30-day bundle, you’ll still be able to access 4G on ASDA Mobile. You simply won’t have access to the 2GB/month free data offer.

Handset & SIM Card Requirements

To benefit from the higher speeds available on ASDA Mobile 4G, you’ll need to have both of the following:

  1. A 4G-compatible handset. Your handset will need to support 4G mobile networks. If your handset currently lacks support for this, there are now some relatively inexpensive 4G smartphones for less than £150 (my personal favourite is the Moto G). If your 4G smartphone was purchased outside the UK, you should check that it supports the relevant 4G frequencies used by ASDA Mobile/EE (primarily, this is band 3 LTE which is also known as 1800MHz).
  2. A 4G-ready ASDA Mobile SIM card. You’ll also need to have a 4G-ready ASDA Mobile SIM card. If you’re a new customer, you can order a free 4G-enabled SIM card from the ASDA Mobile website. If you’re an existing customer, you can check to see if your SIM card is 4G-enabled by entering your phone number on the ASDA Mobile website. Customers who’ve been with ASDA Mobile for more than a year may need to order a replacement 4G-ready SIM card.

You’ll also need to live in an area with 4G mobile coverage.

If you’re not able to use 4G on ASDA Mobile for any of the reasons above, it’s still possible to continue using 2G and 3G just as before.

Network & Coverage

2G, 3G & 4G Coverage From EE

ASDA offers 99% population coverage from EE.

In the UK, ASDA Mobile piggybacks on the EE mobile network. This means customers using ASDA Mobile will get the exact same coverage as customers using EE. At the time of writing, this is 99% population coverage, including 97% on 4G (this is the widest 4G coverage of any UK mobile network).

Before ordering a SIM card from the ASDA Mobile website, it’s worth checking to make sure you have coverage in your area. You can do this by entering your postcode on the ASDA Mobile website:

Check ASDA Mobile Coverage ( →

ASDA’s online coverage checker will give you an estimate on the quality of 2G, 3G and 4G coverage in your area.


Tethering or personal hotspot refers to the process of sharing your smartphone’s internet connection with other devices (e.g. with your laptop or tablet).

With ASDA Mobile, it’s possible to tether on any Pay As You Go tariff. This means you’re able to easily share your 4G internet connection with other people or other devices whilst you’re out and about. This is a strong selling point as many other low-cost Pay As You Go networks prohibit the use of tethering on their service.

For more information, please see our in-depth guide to the tethering policy on each UK mobile network.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’d like to switch to ASDA Mobile to take advantage of their new 4G service, it’s a straightforward process to transfer an existing phone number from your old network.

To do so, you should start by ordering a new 4G SIM card from the ASDA Mobile website. Once you’ve done that, you can then contact your old mobile network to ask them for a PAC Code.

When you receive your new SIM card from ASDA Mobile, you should contact ASDA Mobile Customer Services to give them your PAC Code. You can do this by calling 2732 on your ASDA Mobile SIM card or 0800 952 0393 on any other phone. After you provide your PAC Code to ASDA Mobile, your phone number will normally be transferred on the next working day.

For a step-by-step guide on moving your phone number to ASDA Mobile, please select your current mobile network from the drop down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to ASDA Mobile

Your current network provider:

  More Options

For more information about transferring your phone number between networks, see our guide to using a PAC Code.

More Information

For more information, please see the official ASDA Mobile website for details about their 4G offering and the 2GB/month offer.

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  • Hi ken. In the article u state that you will get the exact same coverage on asda as ee. I am on delight, which runs on ee. I changed from ee to delight because they are nuch cheaper. At home with delight im lucky to get 1 bar of signal. If i put my ee sim into the same phone in exactly the same location, i get full signal, as soon as i go back to delight, 1 signal bar. How can this happen, if, like you say the coverage will be the same?

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your comment. Delight Mobile uses coverage from EE, but they only allow you to access 2G and 3G. Meanwhile, when you were using EE directly, you would have also been able to access EE’s 4G network. Because of this, it’s possible your coverage could be worse on Delight Mobile if the 3G coverage in your area is worse than the 4G coverage.
      With ASDA Mobile, you really should have the same level of coverage as they now give you access to 2G, 3G and 4G.
      Hope this helps,

      • alan jones replied:

        Thanks for your reply ken. I should of also said i am using a phone which is not 4g. 2g and 3g only. It is a prestigio 5504 . Not a 4g phone

        • Hi Alan,
          Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I’m not sure why this is happening as they should both use the same underlying signal. A good way to check this for yourself is to manually search for networks on your phone: you should see the same signal for Delight and EE (more accurately, EE will probably show up as Delight if you have a Delight SIM card inside the phone).

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