Vodafone has launched their Black Friday 2020 deals with discounted SIM cards, mobile phones and home broadband. See our round-up of the top Vodafone offers.

Vodafone Black Friday Phone DealsVodafone have launched their Black Friday 2020 deals with a range of discounts and offers on SIM-only plans, mobile phones and home broadband.

If you’re looking for a low-cost SIM card for your mobile phone, you can now get a £6/month Vodafone Basics plan with 3GB of data (with unlimited UK minutes and unlimited UK texts included). Plans with endless video and 5G have also been made available from £12/month on Vodafone’s sub-brand VOXI.

On mobile phones, a range of handsets have been discounted by Vodafone including the iPhone 11 Pro which is available with a £406 discount. You can now get it on the Vodafone Red 100GB plan for £55/month plus £29 upfront (previously £69/month plus £99 upfront). Discounts are also available on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, the Google Pixel 4a and the Apple Watch Series 6.

On home broadband, Vodafone has discounted their Superfast 2 Broadband to just £21.50/month, with an average download speed of 63Mbps. If you’re an existing Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, this could be available for as little as £18.50/month with a Vodafone Together discount. You can also get 6 months of free Vodafone Gigafast full fibre broadband.

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Vodafone Black Friday 2020 Offers

SIM Only

Vodafone Black Friday SIM Cards

If you want a low-cost SIM card for your mobile phone, Vodafone is offering Black Friday SIM card offers from £6/month.

On Vodafone’s £6 Basics price plan, you’ll now get 3GB of data per month (increased from the normal 2GB per month). This plan also gives you unlimited UK minutes and unlimited UK texts on a 12-month SIM-only plan.


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The Vodafone Basics plans are designed to give you the things that you need for “everyday UK use”. This includes 99% 4G coverage with the fastest available download speeds. You won’t have access to 5G coverage on Vodafone Basics or international roaming when you’re travelling abroad in other countries.

If you’re looking for a 5G-ready SIM card with endless social media and endless video streaming (including for YouTube and Netflix), it’s possible to get this from just £12/month on VOXI for Black Friday. VOXI is a sub-brand of Vodafone offering flexible SIM-only deals on a one-month rolling basis.


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The data allowances on VOXI’s £15 and £20 plans have also been increased for Black Friday, with a £5/month discount being offered on VOXI’s unlimited data plan.

Pay Monthly Phones

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020, Vodafone have discounted a range of phones including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. A range of smart devices are also discounted like the Apple Watch Series 6.

Save £406 on the iPhone 11 Pro with 100GB data

Until the 26th November 2020, you can get the iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB of storage at a discount of £406. This is available on the Vodafone Red plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 100GB of data per month.

You’ll pay just £55/month plus £29 upfront for the phone (it was previously £69/month plus £99 upfront before the Black Friday discount).

Save £608 on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with 100GB data

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has also seen a £608 price drop for Black Friday 2020. It’s now available on the Vodafone Red 100GB plan for £55/month plus £19 upfront (previously £69/month plus £99 upfront).

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, you’ll benefit from a 108-megapixel wide angle camera as well as 5G coverage on the Vodafone network.

Save £570 on the Google Pixel 4a with 100GB data

For Black Friday 2020, the Google Pixel 4a has been discounted by £570, also on the Vodafone Red 100GB plan. You can now get it for £23/month plus £9 upfront (this was previously £43/month plus £99 upfront)

Other Black Friday Discounts

On Vodafone, other phones and devices being discounted for Black Friday 2020 include the Apple Watch Series 6, the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition and the Samsung Galaxy A21s.

A full list of Black Friday deals can be found on the Vodafone website.

Home Broadband

Vodafone Black Friday Broadband DealsVodafone have also discounted their home broadband service for Black Friday 2020, with their Superfast 2 plan now available from just £21.50/month. This gives you average download speeds of 63Mbps.

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Vodafone Broadband
Superfast 1
35Mbps download24 month contract£0£21.50/month
Vodafone Broadband
Superfast 2
63Mbps download24 month contract£0£21.50/month

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If you’re a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, you can get a further discount on this price, bring it down to as little as £18.50/month.

If you’re living at an address with access to Vodafone’s Gigafast broadband service, it’s currently possible to get the first 6 months for free. Vodafone Gigafast is a full fibre broadband service offering download speeds of up to 900Mbps to homes in 15 UK towns and cities:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Vodafone Broadband
Gigafast 100
100Mbps download24 month contract£0£25/month
Vodafone Broadband
Gigafast 200
200Mbps download24 month contract£0£30/month
Vodafone Broadband
Gigafast 500
500Mbps download24 month contract£0£40/month
Vodafone Broadband
Gigafast 900
900Mbps download24 month contract£0£50/month

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In addition to the 6 months of free broadband, a £3/month discount is also available for Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customers.

For more information, you can read our Vodafone Broadband review. You can also read our more specific in-depth guides with further information about Vodafone Superfast and Vodafone Gigafast.


2G, 3G & 4G Coverage

Vodafone offers 99% population coverage on their 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the UK.

Before signing up as a new customer on Vodafone, it’s worth using their online coverage checker to make sure there’s a signal available where you live. You can enter your postcode on the Vodafone website to see the coverage available:

Check Vodafone Coverage (vodafone.co.uk) →

For more information, see our full guide to the coverage on Vodafone.

5G Coverage

If you have a 5G-ready phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, you can access Vodafone’s 5G mobile network. This should give you average download speeds of 150-200Mbps (around five to ten times faster than 4G).

Vodafone currently offers 5G coverage in the following UK towns and cities:

Now Live57 towns and cities are live on Vodafone 5G (November 2020)
Ambleside, Bebington, Belfast, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bishopbriggs, Bolton, Bootle, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheadle, Cheltenham, Clitheroe, Crosby, Droylsden, Eccles, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Great Shelford, Guildford, Horwich, Huyton-with-Roby, Isle of Scilly, Kingswood, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Llandudno, London, Manchester, Mangotsfield, Newbury, Oldbury, Paisley, Penarth, Pendlebury, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Prestwich, Reading, Rochdale, Salford, Solihull, Southampton, Stockport, Stoke-on-Trent, Stranraer, Stretford, Sutton Coldfield, Swansea, Swinton, Urmston, Wallasey, Warrington, Wolverhampton
Planned &
1 towns and cities planned
Blackpool (2020)

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You can also access 5G coverage when travelling abroad in another 193 European towns and cities.

If you’re living in an area that’s yet to receive 5G coverage, you’ll still be able to access older forms of coverage like 3G and 4G. 5G coverage will then become available when it launches in your area. The only exception to this is on a Vodafone Basics plan as Vodafone Basics is 4G-only.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re changing from another mobile network to Vodafone to take advantage of their Black Friday deals, it’s a straightforward process to bring your phone number with you.

To do so, you’ll need to request a PAC Code from your current network. You can normally get a PAC Code straight away through your mobile network’s website or app. Alternatively, text PAC to 65075 and you’ll receive a PAC Code back via text message.

Once you’ve gotten a PAC Code from your current network, order your new phone or SIM card from the Vodafone website. When it arrives, you can provide your PAC Code through Vodafone’s online form. Your phone number transfer will then normally take place on the next working day.

For a step-by-step guide on transferring your phone number to Vodafone, please select your current mobile network from the drop-down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to Vodafone

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

More Information

For further information, see Vodafone’s website for information about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 offers. You can also read our Vodafone review which covers the different plans and products from Vodafone.

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