Three’s 4G Plus Hub is their fastest 4G home broadband router, available from £20 per month with unlimited data. Read our review.

In the UK, Three currently offers a choice of 4G home broadband routers: the regular 4G Hub and the newer 4G Plus Hub.

When you choose the 4G Plus Hub, you’ll get a more powerful router that supports Category 18 LTE technology. If you’re living in an area where Three’s network has been upgraded, this can give you faster download speeds than on the normal 4G Hub router. You’ll also benefit from plug-and-play setup with free next working day delivery.

In this article, we’ll review the 4G Plus Hub and how it compares to the normal 4G Hub. We’ll also look at the best offers available for the 4G Plus Hub, along with the download speeds and coverage available.

Prices From: £10 per month for six months, then £20 per month
Contract Length: 24 months
Download Speeds: 50-100Mbps (typical download speed)
Will vary based on the signal strength & coverage in your area
Model Number: Sercomm LTE2122GR
Availability: Selected UK postcodes (check your postcode)

What is the 4G Plus Hub?

In the UK, Three now offers a choice of two 4G home broadband routers:

  • 4G Hub (from £22 per month): This is Three’s basic 4G home broadband router. It’s available from £22 per month and supports Category 12/13 LTE speeds.
  • 4G Plus Hub (from £20 per month): This is Three’s fastest and most powerful 4G home broadband router. You’ll normally need to pay a little bit more for it, but it supports the newer Category 18 LTE technology. You’ll also get a dedicated mobile app to manage your home network.

The support for faster Category 18 LTE technology enables much better performance in areas where Three’s network has been upgraded to support it. For instance, the router can use carrier aggregation on three component carriers at the same time (3CC CA), along with Three’s L-band spectrum and 4×4 MIMO to deliver higher speeds.

In areas where the local network has been upgraded, you’ll be able to get average download speeds in excess of 100Mbps on the 4G Plus Hub (subject to local coverage and capacity). You’ll also be able to get peak download speeds of 600Mbps.

Alongside the improved 4G connectivity, you’ll be able to use Three’s 4G+ Hub app to manage your home network. It has a handy feature that allows you to set up your router and to get the strongest 4G signal on it. You can also see and manage the devices connected to your home network.

Three 4G Plus Hub Plans

At present, you can get Three’s 4G Plus Hub from £20 per month. This gives you unlimited 4G home broadband with no need for a landline.

The 4G Plus Hub is currently available on the following plans:

ServiceData AllowanceContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price

Three 4G Plus Hub
Unlimited Data24 month contract£0£20/month
with 3 months free

See all Three 4G Plus Hub offers →

There’s no need to have a landline if you’re using 4G home broadband. For this reason, you might be able to cancel your landline service if you don’t need it for another reason (e.g. for making phone calls).

If you’re living in an area where 5G coverage is available, you might be offered Three’s 5G home broadband service instead of 4G home broadband. This is available from £22 per month.

Technical Specifications

In the UK, Three’s 4G Plus Hub is their most advanced 4G home broadband router. Also known as the Sercomm LTE2122GR, the 4G Plus Hub will connect to Three’s 4G mobile network. From it, it will produce a regular Wi-Fi network that your other devices are able to connect to.

The standout feature of the 4G Plus Hub is the support for Category 18 LTE technology. In theory, this can give you gigabit-level speeds but Three only advertises a maximum download speed of 600Mbps. They also advertise an average download speed of 50-100Mbps (subject to coverage and capacity in your area). Although this is the same speed that’s advertised for the normal 4G Hub, you should be able to get significantly faster speeds if you’re living in an area with the relevant 4G+ coverage.

For your home network, you’ll get support for dual-band Wi-Fi 5 technology (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). This allows you to connect up to 64 devices wirelessly to your network at the same time. There are also two Gigabit Ethernet sockets for connecting wired devices to your home network. This is a slight downgrade from the four ports on the normal 4G Hub. However, if you need to connect more wired devices, you can easily solve this by buying a separate Ethernet switch.

The following table shows the full technical specifications of Three’s 4G Plus Hub router:

Three 4G Plus Hub
(Sercomm LTE2122GR)
Home Broadband Plans
Price:From £20/month
Unlimited Data:£20/month
Contract Length:24 months
Mobile Connectivity
4G Connectivity:Category 18 LTE
4G Download Speed:Up to 600 Mbps download
4G Upload Speed:Up to 100 Mbps upload
4G Bands:LTE bands 1, 3, 7, 20, 32 & 42
External Antenna:Yes, 2x connectors
Home Network Connectivity
Dual-Band Wi-Fi:Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity:802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Devices:Up to 64 devices
Ethernet:2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Dimensions:27.7 x 18.1 x 7.0 cm
Model:Sercomm LTE2122GR
Other Features:Three 4G+ Hub App
More Information:See

Coverage & Availability

At present, Three offers their 4G home broadband service to around 7.1 million homes across the UK. This represents around 25% of UK households. To check the availability of 4G broadband where you live, enter your postcode on the following page:

Check Three Broadband Availability →

In some cases, you might not be able to get 4G home broadband, even if you’re within the 4G coverage area as shown on Three’s 4G coverage map. If this is the case, you’ll be shown the following message:

We’re on our way
We’re busy expanding our network to connect more homes.

If you see this message and you still want 4G broadband from Three, you can get the 4G Plus MiFi instead. This is a pocket sized 4G mobile broadband router that you’re also able to use on-the-go. Alternatively, you can buy your own unlocked 4G home broadband router and combine it with Three’s unlimited data SIM card which costs £20 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4G Plus Hub?
The 4G Plus Hub is Three’s most advanced 4G home broadband router. It gives you unlimited 4G home broadband with a simple plug-and-play setup. You can expect average download speeds of 50-100Mbps, and potentially even faster speeds in areas with the latest 4G technology.
What 4G home broadband plans are available on the 4G Plus Hub?
Three currently offers the following plans for the 4G Plus Hub:
What speeds can I get on the 4G Plus Hub?
According to Three, the 4G Plus Hub supports Category 18 LTE technology. In theory, this could allow you to get up to gigabit speeds on a compatible network, but Three only advertises a maximum download speed of 600Mbps.

The average download speed on the service typically ranges from 50-100Mbps. However, it can go even faster (in excess of 100Mbps) in areas where Three’s 4G network has been upgraded with the latest technology.

More Information

For more information about the 4G Plus Hub, please see Three’s official website. You can also read our Three broadband review.

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  • hello, I’ve just bought a XPOL-1 V2,5813

    We’ve had the Three upgrade (band 32) here
    it’s 6ft above my chimney. ! cabell to my 4g+ Three router with a Three provided SIM card.
    max I get is 30mps
    my phone at ground level is band32 compatible and I get 60mpbs on it.


    I know the router has band 32 compatibility so I’m thinking the antenna doesn’t.. am I correct and can you recommend an antenna that will RX band 32.

  • Hey, i want to get this 4g hub plus. I need it for my console while gaming. At the moment i am using my hotspot. Does this wireless hub provide a NAT Type 2 or 1 while gaming? Can you please let me know. Thank you

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