Whether you're joining Talkmobile or leaving for a different network, it's a straightforward process to keep your old phone number.

Talkmobile PAC CodeIf you're leaving Talkmobile and joining another network or if you're leaving another network in order to join Talkmobile, it's easy to keep your old phone number. All you need to do is to request a PAC Code: it's totally free and the entire process of transferring your phone number should normally take no longer than one working day.

For detailed instructions, please choose the option that best applies to you:

Leaving Talkmobile For Another Network


If you're leaving Talkmobile and joining another network, you can take your phone number with you.

Start by asking Talkmobile to issue you with a PAC Code. You can get a PAC Code from Talkmobile by calling 5888 on your Talkmobile handset. Alternatively, dial 0333 304 8064 from any other phone.

You can request a PAC Code over the phone at any time during Talkmobile's opening hours:

Monday - Friday8.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday9.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday10.00am - 5.00pm

It's always free to get a PAC Code from Talkmobile (it's your legal entitlement). After getting your Talkmobile PAC Code, you'll need to provide it to your new network operator. For detailed instructions, please select your new network operator from the dropdown menu below:

PAC Code Finder: How to use your Talkmobile PAC Code

Your new network provider:

Joining Talkmobile From Another Network


If you're joining Talkmobile from another network, you should ask your old network to provide you with a PAC Code. The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your number to Talkmobile.

After getting the PAC Code, you should order your new handset or SIM card directly from Talkmobile's website. For more information, please select the type of tariff you're wanting to move to:

For a full list of the latest Talkmobile deals, please see this page on Talkmobile's website.

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Once Your New Phone Arrives...

Once your new phone or SIM card arrives from Talkmobile, turn it on and make sure everything's working properly. If you need to return or change the new handset/SIM card, please do this before you transfer your phone number.

Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, You can give the PAC Code to Talkmobile by calling 5888 on your Talkmobile handset. You can also call 0333 304 8064 from any other phone.

Once you've provided your PAC code to Talkmobile, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding English bank holidays).

Upgrading Your Plan On Talkmobile


If you're simply upgrading to a newer handset or tariff, it's not necessary to use a Talkmobile PAC Code. You can simply upgrade via Talkmobile's website. For more information, please select the type of tariff you're planning to move to:

More Information

For more information, please see the Talkmobile website. You can also read our full guide on using a PAC Code: there's frequently asked questions amongst other tips for transferring your phone number.

For discussion, please see the comments on this page. They show other people's experiences either when using a Talkmobile PAC Code or when transferring their phone number from another network to Talkmobile.

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We would love to hear your comments: either about using a Talkmobile PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to Talkmobile. The comments below are all from people who've done the same thing in the past. You can contribute by adding your own comments here.

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  • I recently left Talkmobile for Three in order to gain access to LTE services, but the whole PAC number transfer/notice period still seems a little muddy to me, and customer service don’t seem to give me a straight answer either. Does anyone understand the process a little better than myself?

    So I requested a PAC code and gave it to the new provider on the same day – does this mean I’ll be billed for at least another 30 days which I won’t actually use because of the notice period or will I perhaps receive a credit refund for unused credit?

    My bill date on my old provider is the 4th of Each month so I’d already paid this month (November) in advance, requested the PAC on the 7th, and had the number transferred today, the 10th.


    Nathen transferred a phone number from Talkmobile to Three.

    • Hi Nathen,
      Thanks for your comment. The way it normally works is you need to give 30 days notice when cancelling a contract. Hence, if you gave notice to Talkmobile on the 7th November at the same time as requesting your PAC Code, they might ask you to continue paying the bill until the 6th December. Saying this, I haven’t actually checked the exact details of how this is done on Talkmobile, so it’s only a guess based on what happens on other mobile networks.

      • OK thanks for your reply. I’ll try to remember to post back with details of the process when I find out. Even if I end up missing out on a month’s worth of contract, it’s only £7pm so not such a big deal, but I can see why it would be a bigger deal for people on far more expensive contracts!


  • Hi Ken

    Excellent website, well done. Here my situation. I have to 2 phones both on pay monthly contacts.

    Phone 1 is on Talk Mobile (Phone number 1)
    Phone 2 is on Vodafone (Phone number 2)

    I want to switch them so that:

    Phone 2 is on Talk Mobile (Phone number 2)
    Phone 1 is on Vodafone (Phone number 1)

    I don’t need to make any changes to billing at all. I should add both phone are not network locked and use the same micro SIM type.

    What do I need to do to make this happen. Any pitfalls to consider e.g. downtime/cost etc.



    Robert transferred a phone number from Talkmobile to Vodafone.

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your comment about switching the phone number between two networks/contracts. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s possible to do this. Instead, the PAC Code system is designed for more simple requests: switching from one network to another, moving the phone number and closing the account at the old network. Outside of the PAC Code system, there also isn’t any way to achieve what you’re asking for.
      Sorry I wasn’t able to be more helpful with your request! 🙁

      • Hi Ken

        I’ve been thinking about this. Think I made it sound over complicated.

        All I want to do is switch numbers between 2 phones on different networks in essence… Surely this must be possible…

        Can’t they just both issue me with a PAC code to exchange. Literally all want to do is to swap the numbers.



        • Hi Robert,
          Unfortunately, using a PAC Code will automatically close the account on your old network. Hence, if you were to transfer a phone number from Talkmobile to Vodafone, the account on Talkmobile will be closed automatically (the same vice versa from Vodafone to Talkmobile).

  • alan collins said:

    I gave my pac number 5 days ago and it still hasn’t been transferred over. I order new phone and tariff network from Tesco Mobile to Talkmobile and have tried ringing Carphone Warehouse and also TalkMobile but am not getting anywhere. Any ideas?

    alan collins transferred a phone number from Tesco Mobile to Talkmobile.

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I’m not able to answer any specific requests pertaining to your account. It sounds to me as if your number transfer hasn’t been processed correctly (i.e. they probably haven’t entered your details into the system). You should contact Talkmobile Customer Services on 5888 to check on the status of your phone number transfer.

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