Pay As You Go mobile networks differ in the method they use to charge customers for a call. Techniques such a minimum call charge and per-minute billing can add substantially to the cost of your service.

Top Up LogoIn the UK, it’s estimated that half of all phone calls last for under one minute. With most Pay As You Go networks now imposing a minimum call charge, you could be stung up to 35p when your phone call connects and when you hang up immediately (e.g. after reaching someone’s voicemail). Many mobile networks have also switched to using per-minute billing where the length of all phone calls is rounded up to a full minute before your account gets charged. These two techniques can add fairly substantially to the overall cost of your Pay As You Go service.

In this article, we’ll compare the UK’s Pay As You Go mobile networks and how much they charge for outgoing calls on their network. We’ll look at minimum call charges and which billing method is employed on each network (per-minute billing or per-second billing).

Table: Minimum Call Charge & Billing Method on UK Mobile Networks

The table below shows you the per-minute rate and the minimum call charge on UK Pay As You Go networks. We’ve also listed how each network is charging for their calls: whether it’s on a per-minute or on a per-second basis. You can use this table along with the guidance below it when choosing your next Pay As You Go network. You can also refer to our other useful guides before choosing a new network.

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NetworkCalls (per min)Minimum Call ChargeCharging Type
1pMobile1p/min1p per call per-minute billing
ASDA Mobile15p/min15p per call per-minute billing
EE40p/min40p per call per-minute billing
giffgaff25p/min25p per call per-second billing
iD Mobile3p/min3p per call per-second billing
Lebara Mobile25p/min25p per call per-minute billing
O255p/min55p per call per-minute billing
Tesco Mobile Triple Credit25p/min10p per call per-second billing
Tesco Mobile Lite8p/min8p per call per-second billing
Three35p/min35p per call per-minute billing
Vodafone Big Value Bundles35p/min35p per call per-minute billing
Vodafone Pay As You Go 120p/min20p per call per-minute billing
VOXI30p/min30p per call per-minute billing

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Minimum Call Charges

In the UK, our mobile networks don’t charge a separate connection fee for setting up your call (this is in contrast to landline providers who will typically charge a separate call connection fee).

Mobile Network Logos
Almost all UK networks have a minimum charge for outgoing phone calls. The Co-operative Mobile has the lowest in the UK: 1p for calls lasting up to 7 seconds.

Rather than having a separate call connection fee, UK mobile networks will typically have a minimum call charge for every outgoing phone call. On most mobile networks, this is equivalent to the cost of a one-minute phone call. You’ll still be charged for a full minute of calling even when you hang up the phone in under a minute. It’s a rather frustrating experience especially when around 50% of phone calls last for less than one minute. It also makes it costly when you reach someone else’s voicemail (you could be charged up to 35p for the privilege even when you hang up immediately).

If you regularly make phone calls lasting for less than one minute, it could be worth choosing a network with a lower minimum call charge. The Co-Operative Mobile stands out with the lowest minimum call charge of any UK network. They’ll charge only a minimum of 1p for every outgoing phone call (you’ll pay this whenever your phone call lasts for less than 7 seconds). Three is another strong and worthwhile contender: they charge a minimum of only 3p per call (you’ll pay this whenever your phone call lasts for less than 60 seconds).

The following UK networks have the lowest minimum charge when making a short call:

NetworkMinimum Charge for Outgoing Calls
1pMobile1p per call (up to 1 minute in length)
iD Mobile3p per call (up to 1 minute in length)
Tesco Mobile Lite8p per call (up to 1 minute in length)
Tesco Mobile Triple Credit10p per call (up to 24 seconds in length)

Per-Second VS Per-Minute Billing

Phone CallIn the UK, mobile phone networks broadly split up into two separate camps: those that charge on a per-second basis and those that charge on a per-minute basis. Per-second billing is the cheaper option but many networks have recently moved towards per-minute billing. Switching to per-minute billing is a way to stealthily increase prices through the back door.

On mobile phone networks that charge on a per-second basis, you’ll always be charged for the exact length of your call. For instance, imagine a network using per-second billing and charging a rate of 30p/minute. If you were to make a phone call lasting for 1 minute and 30 seconds, you’d be charged 45p for the call (that’s 1.5 minutes x 30p per minute = 45p in total).

On mobile networks that use per-minute billing, the length of all phone calls is rounded up to a full minute. For instance, a phone call lasting for 1 minute and 30 seconds would be rounded up by your network to a full two minutes. You would then be charged 60p for the call (that’s 2 minutes x 30p per minute = 60p in total). On average, you would pay 15p extra for every outgoing call under per-minute billing at 30p/minute.

To illustrate this, the following table compares the cost of an outgoing phone call under per-second billing and per-minute billing. It assumes a rate of 30p/minute:

Length of Phone Call Cost with per-second billing* Cost with per-minute billing*
1 minute 30p 30p
1 minute, 15 seconds 38p 60p (22p more expensive)
1 minute, 30 seconds 45p 60p (15p more expensive)
1 minute, 45 seconds 53p 60p (7p more expensive)
2 minutes 60p 60p

* Calculations assume a rate of 30p/minute. The average cost saving is 15p per call using the network with per-second billing.
The actual impact on how much you’d save will depend on your mobile network’s per-minute rate. For instance, if your network charged 8p/minute then the average cost saving under per-second billing would be 4p per call.

In general, we would recommend choosing a network that uses per-second billing.

The following table shows how UK mobile networks split up across the two billing methods:

Networks with Per-Second Billing Networks with Per-Minute Billing
You’ll be charged for the exact length of your phone calls.

The length of all phone calls will be rounded up to a full minute.

More Information

For more information on how to choose a Pay As You Go network, see our in-depth articles with a Pay As You Go price comparison, a list of Pay As You Go bundles and our guide to inactivity and credit expiry on UK networks.

You can also order a free Pay As You Go SIM card.

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  • Id mobile pay as you go sims are per minute billing.

    Id mobile pay monthly are sort of per second, but calls under a minute are rounded up to a minute, calls over a minute are rounded up to the nearest penny, vat applied and then rounded up again!

    “Each call is charged excluding VAT and then rounded up to the nearest whole penny, each MMS or SMS is charged excluding VAT and then rounded up to the nearest tenth of a penny. VAT is then added where applicable and then rounded up to the nearest whole penny. ”

    Not sure how their free minutes are treated, but I suspect they are all rounded up to the next minute as per their carrier Three.

    Seems a lot of operators are becoming more and more devious in how they charge.

    There are some changes to O2 pay as you go coming in August too.

  • Dear Ken,
    When I came across your site, it provided answers to mobile-related queries. The presentation and organisation is seamless, and I would like to express my thanks and appreciation. As a very low usage Pay As You Go-er, no bundles were suitable, and I was resigned to paying 15p/text and 30p+/minute. No more. With the help of your “How to keep your old number” guide, and oodles of hard fact tabulated information, I have switched to Co-operative Mobile (which uses the same network as my old provider). Getting the code and porting the number across turned out to be a simple process, and I am still in disbelief at the savings… over two-thirds! Thank you.

    • Hi Gill,
      Thank you for the kind words – really glad you found the website useful and really happy that it’s helped to save you some money 🙂

  • Naseer Malik said:

    Hi Ken:
    Just a note to express my deepest appreciation for your nicely presented, very very useful informative stuff on this mad and ever changing market, which is confusing the ordinary consumer all the time. With your crystal clear comparison tables, has and would go a very long way towards getting everybody interested in this riddle solving problem, see a clear light, which way to go for, and which one is the right choice as per one’s needs and requirements. I admire and appreciate your time and effort to present, ALL, to help people to get out of this mind boggling riddle.
    Many thanks and may God bless you.

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