EE is offering 5GB data for £12/month, with 5G and 6 months of Apple Music included.

In the UK, EE offers a number of hidden 12-month SIM cards that you won’t be able to find if you go directly to their website. They can save you substantial amounts of money, as well as benefiting from a shorter and a more flexible 12-month contract.

With the shorter 12-month SIM Only deals from EE, you’ll still get 6 months of free Apple Music (worth £9.99 per month). You’ll also be able to get 5G coverage, along with a discounted BT Sport subscription.

In this article, we’ll look at EE’s hidden SIM-only deals including their 1GB for £16 offer. We’ll look at how you can get the special 12-month offer, the benefits available on the plan and how to keep your current phone number on EE.

EE 10GB For £10 SIM Card

In the UK, EE currently offers a number of hidden SIM-only deals: most notably, their 5GB for £12 SIM card. It’s available on a shorter 12-month contract, instead of the 24-month contract that’s normally required on EE’s other SIM-only deals.

The following table shows EE’s 5GB for £12 per month deal:

No price plans could be found matching this criteria.

For customers wanting a larger data allowance, EE also offers the following 12-month SIM-only deals:

12 months
12 months
12 months
12 months

Like the 5GB for £12 offer, you won’t find some of these deals listed on the EE website. Instead, you’ll need to follow the link in the table above to get the deal.

Other EE SIM Only Deals

If you’re looking for more than 100GB of data per month, EE’s standard 24-month SIM cards may offer better value. In addition to the standard features, you’ll get one Smart Benefit included when you choose an EE Smart plan and three Smart Benefits included when you choose an EE Full Works plan.

No FrillsUnlimitedUnlimited125GB£22.00
24 months
3 months half price
24 months
No FrillsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£27.00
24 months
6 months half price
24 months
All RounderUnlimitedUnlimited150GB£32.00
3 months half price
24 months
All RounderUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£36.00
6 months half price
24 months
Full WorksUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£43.00
24 months

You can see a full list of EE’s SIM-only deals on their official website.

EE SIM Only Features

6 Months Apple Music

You’ll get 6 months of Apple Music included on all of EE’s SIM-only deals (including on their hidden 12-month plans). This is worth £9.99 per month and allows you to stream more than 60 million songs on-demand from the Apple Music catalogue. You can also access curated playlists, lyrics and live radio stations through the Apple Music app.

You can stream from Apple Music on your iPhone and Android device, as well as on other compatible devices like your PC and your smart TV. You can also listen to Apple Music in your car using Apple’s CarPlay technology.

For the 6 months duration of your inclusive Apple Music membership, EE will cover any data you use through the Apple Music service. This means it won’t count towards your 10GB data allowance (or however much data you have on your SIM-only plan from EE).

BT Sport Offers

As an EE customer, you’ll be able to watch BT Sport at a discounted price.

Normally, the BT Sport Monthly Pass will cost you £25 per month including the ability to stream in 4K HDR on a range of devices (including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or a compatible smart TV). This is reduced to £20 per month if you’re an EE SIM Only customer. Alternatively, it’s available for £15/month if you sign up for the BT Sport Season Pass (with a 10-month commitment).

5G Coverage

On EE’s hidden 12-month SIM-only deals, you’ll get access to their 5G network included. Currently covering 160 UK towns and cities, this allows you to access an average download speed of 135Mbps (around 3 times faster than their 4G network). In some cases, download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) can be obtained when using a 5G connection.

At present, EE’s 5G network is available in the following UK locations:

Now Live160 towns and cities are live on EE 5G (May 2023)
Aberdeen, Aldershot, Aldridge, Alexandria, Altrincham, Ashford Surrey, Ashton-under-Lyne, Aylesbury, Ayr, Barnsley, Barrhead, Bath, Belfast, Belshill, Biggleswade, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Borehamwood, Bransholme, Brentwood, Brighton, Bristol, Burton upon Trent, Bury, Cannock, Cardiff, Castleford, Castlereagh, Chatham, Chelmsford, Cheshunt, Chester, Chester-le-Street, Chesterfield, Chorley, Clevedon, Clifton, Clydebank, Colchester, Coventry, Crawley, Cumbernauld, Dartford, Dinnington, Doncaster, Dudley, Dundee, Edinburgh, Epsom, Exeter, Gillingham, Glasgow, Grantham, Gravesend, Grays, Grimsby, Guildford, Halifax, Hamilton, Harlow, Harrogate, Hoddesdon, Huddersfield, Hull, Ilkeston, Inchinnan, Ipswich, Jarrow, Kimberley, Kingston-upon-Thames, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield, Lincoln, Lisburn, Liverpool, London, Loughborough, Loughton, Maidstone, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Milnrow, Milton Keynes, Minster, Mirfield, Motherwell, Neath, Newcastle, Newton-le-Willows, North Shields, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Oldham, Oxford, Paignton, Paisley, Plymouth, Pontefract, Poole, Porthcawl, Portishead, Portsmouth, Potters Bar, Rickmansworth, Rochdale, Rochester, Romford, Rotherham, Royal Leamington Spa, Rugeley, Runcorn, Salford, Sheffield, Shipley, Solihull, South Shields, Southend-on-Sea, Southport, St Albans, Stafford, Staines-upon-Thames, Stevenage, Stirling, Stockport, Stockton-on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sunbury, Sunderland, Sutton Coldfield, Swadlincote, Swansea, Swindon, Swinton, Sydenham, Tamworth, Wakefield, Walsall, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Walton-on-Thames, Warwick, Washington, Watford, West Bromwich, Westhoughton, Weston-Super-Mare, Weybridge, Wickford, Widnes, Wigan, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York

Check 5G Coverage Map ( →

You’ll need to have a 5G-ready phone to be able to access 5G coverage on the EE network.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re switching to EE from another UK mobile network, it’s a straightforward process to keep your current phone number.

Start by ordering your new EE SIM Only deal using the links above. Once you’ve done that, you can request a PAC Code from your old network – either using their app or website, or by texting PAC to 65075.

Once you’ve activated your new EE SIM card, you’ll then be able to head over to this online form. Here, you’ll be able to submit the PAC Code from your old network. Your phone number transfer will then be scheduled by EE, normally for the next working day.

For a step-by-step guide on how to move your phone number to EE, please select your current mobile network from the drop down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to EE

Select your current mobile network:

  More Options

More Information

For more information about EE’s SIM-only deals, please visit their official website.

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    • Thanks Ken.
      I have been in touch with EE ,both via webchat & telephone
      I can confirm that as this 10GB for £10 is heavily discounted (from £22) will not be eligible for the 10% discount for any additional line(s)
      However any other non hidden deal can be included for 10% discount.

      • Hi Sud,
        Very interesting. I know for a fact that it’s definitely available for £9 if you’re an existing BT customer so I’d be surprised if they weren’t extending this to existing EE Pay Monthly customers…

    • Hi Bob,
      Great question! You should be able to do this, but it might involve porting your phone number out to another network and then back in. If you don’t want to do that, you’d need to see what “upgrade options” are available to you.

  • Do you know if you can purchase the plan with an eSIM or do you need to order a physical SIM and go through the swap process?

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. There’s more information in my guide to eSIM on UK networks but in short: you will need to order a physical SIM card first before swapping it over to an eSIM. At present, Vodafone is the only network that allows you to get an eSIM straight away.
      Hope this helps,

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