The One Plan from Three: Review & Comparison

January 25th, 2013

Three’s One Plan offers 2000 minutes, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes and 5000 texts. All-you-can-eat internet and tethering from £25/month.

Smartphones StackedThe One Plan is the flagship Pay Monthly tariff of Three UK. Best known for its generous allowance of calls, texts and internet, the tariff starts at £20/month for 2000 cross-network minutes, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of internet.

For customers who are paying £25/month or more, internet becomes unlimited (“all-you-can-eat” in Three’s lingo) and a free mobile broadband service is also provided through the tethering feature of your smartphone.

The One Plan is available in three different variations:

The first two options (£20/month and £25/month) are designed for consumers who want to save money by keeping their current handset. You’ll be bringing your own device so you’ll need a 3G-capable smartphone that works on Three (you may need to unlock it first if it came from another network).

The third option (starting from £28/month) is for consumers who want a brand new handset. You’ll be able to pick up a new device such as the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, perhaps with a small upfront cost.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at The One Plan. We’ll compare the different tariff options as well as seeing how The One Plan compares to rival offerings from O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. We’ll also look at handset compatibility, download speeds and how to keep your current phone number when moving to The One Plan.

What is “The One Plan” from Three?

The One Plan is Three’s flagship Pay Monthly tariff for smartphones. The tariff is essentially a high-end “worry-free tariff”: you’ll get a generous allowance of calls, texts and internet for a flat fee each month. Unlike on other tariffs with more restrictive airtime allowances, it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of minutes, texts or data on The One Plan. This allows you to use your phone without worrying about extra charges.

All variations of The One Plan include the following:

  • 2,000 cross-network minutes
  • 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes
  • 5,000 texts
  • Free voicemail

Smartphone owners can also benefit from the generous data allowances of The One Plan. The £20/month tariff comes with an allowance of 2GB internet (this is 4 times the industry standard of 500MB/month). 2GB is enough for browsing 6,000 web pages or for sending 4,000 rich e-mails including attachments.

For tariffs of £25/month and above, things get even better as data allowances increase. You’ll get:

  • All-you-can-eat internet. Unlimited internet with no download limits and no fair usage policies. This allows you to use your smartphone to the maximum: you can download to your heart’s content – listen to as much music and watch as many videos as you like without the worry of additional data charges.
  • Tethering & wi-fi hotspot. This is a mobile broadband service that can be accessed from any wi-fi enabled device. Supported devices includes laptops, tablets, e-book readers such as the Kindle, games consoles and MP3 players such as the iPod Touch. Your smartphone acts as the hub through which all of these other devices will connect.

It’s worth noting that calls and texts on The One Plan aren’t unlimited. Calls are limited to 2,000 minutes per month (plus an additional 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes). Texts are also limited to 5,000 per month. These limits are equivalent to making 67 minutes of outgoing phone calls and sending 167 text messages every day. As most people will never come close to this limit, we consider The One Plan as “essentially unlimited” for calls and texts.

Internet is limited to 2GB on the £20/month plan but is truly unlimited on plans of £25/month and above.

How much does The One Plan cost?

There are three variations of The One Plan, each at different price points:

Type Monthly Price Upfront Price Minutes Texts Internet Tethering
12 month SIM Only £20/month None 2,000
& 5,000 Three-to-Three
5,000 2GB From allowance
1 month SIM Only £25/month None Unlimited Unlimited
24 month with phone From £28/month On some handsets

Whilst it’s possible to get a free handset for £28/month on a 24 month contact (see the cheapest handsets available on The One Plan), you should expect to pay a bit more if you want the latest high-end handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S3 costs £31/month plus £29 upfront on The One Plan whereas the Apple iPhone 5 costs £36/month plus £99 upfront. A complete price guide can be found on Three’s website.

Which handsets are available on The One Plan?

Three offers a large range of devices on The One Plan. Popular options include:


The full list of available handsets can be found on the Three website.

Which phones are compatible with The One Plan SIM?

SIM cardThe SIM Only version of The One Plan is designed for consumers who already have a 3G-enabled smartphone. Any unlocked handsets or SIM-free handsets should work right away but if you purchased your phone from another network, it might be necessary to unlock it first. If you need help with unlocking, you may find our guides on how to unlock your iPhone, how to unlock your Galaxy S2 and how to unlock your BlackBerry useful.

When ordering your new SIM, Three asks you to select a SIM card type. You should ensure that the correct SIM card type is chosen for your handset. Some popular devices include:

  • Micro-SIM: Many high-end handsets since 2012. This includes Apple iPhone 4/4S, BlackBerry 10 devices, Google Nexus 4, HTC One X/S, Nokia Lumia devices, Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2, Sony Xperia S. You can check your phone’s SIM type here.
  • Nano-SIM: Apple iPhone 5 only.
  • Standard SIM: Other handsets.

You can make your SIM card selection online for both the £20/month plan (12 months) and for the £25/month plan (30 days). It is not necessary to the type of SIM card if you’re also ordering a phone at the same time.

If you upgrade your phone in the future or if you order the wrong type of SIM card, it’s possible to change your SIM card type at a Three retail store. This is no charge for this service.

How does The One Plan compare to rival offerings from O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone?

Since The One Plan originally launched in 2010, it has become Three’s most popular tariff. This has led rival companies such as O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone to offer their own alternatives to The One Plan. Tariffs which are comparable to The One Plan include O2’s On and On, T-Mobile’s The Full Monty and Vodafone’s Vodafone Red.

The One Plan (Three) On and On (O2) The Full Monty (T-Mobile) Vodafone Red
Network Three O2 T-Mobile Vodafone
Plan Length with Handset 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
Price with Handset From £28/month From £26/month From £36/month From £28/month
SIM-Only Plan Length 12 months (£20/month)
1 month (£25/month)
12 months 12 months 12 months
SIM-Only Price From £20/month £20/month £21/month £20.50/month
Minutes 2,000 Unlimited 2,000 OR unlimited Unlimited
Same-network minutes 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Texts 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Internet 2GB (£20/month)
Unlimited (£25/month)
1GB as standard
2GB (extra charge)
Unlimited 1GB as standard
2GB (extra charge)
Tethering Yes, included Yes, included No, not permitted Yes, included
Voicemail Free Free Part of minutes allowance 35p/minute
Speed Restrictions No restrictions No restrictions 4Mbit/s maximum download
1Mbit/s maximum upload
No restrictions

For a detailed comparison of Three and T-Mobile’s respective offerings, we’ve got a detailed comparison of The Full Monty & The One Plan.

You can find out more about “The Full Monty” on the T-Mobile website and more about “On and On” on the O2 website. See the Vodafone website for more information on Vodafone Red.

How does The One Plan compare to Three’s other tariff offerings?

ThreeAs well as The One Plan, Three also offers two ranges of Pay Monthly tariffs: Essential Internet and Ultimate Internet tariffs. We’ve got a detailed review and comparison of these tariffs here.

Essential Internet tariffs come with a 250MB monthly download allowance whereas Ultimate Internet tariffs come with all-you-can-eat data. Neither of these tariffs support tethering – this is permitted only for customers on The One Plan.

If you’re unlikely to make many phone calls and if you don’t tether, you may find that the Ultimate Internet plans provide better value.  We recommend staying away from Essential Internet plans as the 250MB limit is fairly restrictive.

More information on the Essential Internet and Ultimate Internet tariffs can be found on the Three website.

Does Three offer 4G connectivity? What download speeds can I expect?

No. Three doesn’t currently offer 4G connectivity, although they are planning to do so later this year. 4G will offer typical download speeds of around 15Mbit/s.

With the latest 3G handset on Three’s network, you’ll currently experience download speeds of around 8Mbit/s. To achieve this, you’ll need a phone with DC-HSPA+ support (e.g. Apple iPhone 5). DC-HSPA+ will be available on 80% of Three’s network by April 2013. If you’ve got an older handset, download speeds may be slower (between 1.5Mbit/s and 4Mbit/s).

Our view is that 3G download speeds are more than enough for most consumers and 4G is unlikely to give many substantial benefits.

See our guide to 3G and 4G for more on download speeds and how they compare between 3G and 4G technologies.

Can I tether on The One Plan?

Yes. The One Plan comes with free tethering. This means you can share your high-speed 3G data connection with other devices such as a laptop, tablet (including wi-fi only iPad tablets), an iPod Touch, e-book reader or games console. Using this feature, all of your electronic devices can make use of “The One Plan” to access online content whilst you’re on the move – all they need to do is to be able to connect to a wi-fi hotspot produced by your smartphone.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need a phone which supports the mobile wi-fi hotspot feature. Most modern smartphones including the Apple iPhone and most Android devices now support wi-fi hotspot. For details of how to get it up and running, we’ve got a detailed guide on tethering.

Can I really use The One Plan as an alternative to a mobile broadband service?

Yes – in fact this is one of the primary benefits of The One Plan. We think that with all-you-can-eat data (on plans of £25/month and above) and free tethering, The One Plan is a great alternative to mobile broadband. Using your smartphone as a mobile wi-fi hub allows you to get up to 5 devices online: wherever you are.

We’ve got an in-depth guide to using “The One Plan” as a mobile broadband replacement.

Is it possible to get The One Plan on an 18 month contract?

No. Three only offers 1 month, 12 month and 24 month versions of The One Plan.

Are there any fair usage policies for all-you-can-eat data?

According to Three, there is no fair usage limit for all-you-can-eat data. Since The One Plan launched in 2010, we have not received any reports of customers encountering hidden download limits.

What’s the coverage like on Three?

You should use the coverage checker on the Three website to ensure you can receive a signal from Three where you live.

I’m switching to The One Plan. Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes. You’ll need to ask your existing mobile network for a PAC Code. This should be given to Three Customer Services once your new phone or SIM card arrives. Three will then handle the transfer of your phone number. It takes no more than 24 hours to transfer a phone number and you should experience no or minimal loss of service. Our PAC Code Finder tool can take you through the entire process of switching networks step-by-step.

Where can I get this deal?

The One Plan is available as a 30 day SIM Only contract, as a 12 month SIM only contract or as a 24 month contract with a new handset. These deals can be found on the Three website.

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  1. AllenVincent489 said:

    … sobbing… 3’s “The One” plan has been fantastic for me, always knew it was an awesome deal. Started my contract with 3 on a Samsung Note 2 on November 2012 so not long before my 24 Month Contract is finished.

    Am I to understand correctly that even if I go over the contract length, that my benefits of using The One Plan will automatically cease? Haven’t tethered for a while but needed to do so last week and noticed a dramatic drop in speeds, my previous “sweetspots” for best signals (approx. 8mb) on my property no longer seem to have strong signals or when I do get strong signals they quickly drop (below 1mb), was almost impossible to watch Iplayer on my pc via tethering, Netflix no longer plays films in HD when tethering so it seems possible my terms have already been reduced, throttled etc.

    There’s a question above, not as clear as I wanted to be as feel sincerely sad about the loss of The One Plan as it was such an industry leading delightful and fair package 🙁 Was looking forwards to getting the new Note 4 but alas I’d lose The One Plan anyway 🙁 To me it’s like owning the fastest car in the World but only being allowed to drive 30mph at all times with it 🙁

    As a consumer I want to do everything possible to keep my The One package.. even if it means buying a new Note 4 outright when it comes out hopefully next Month and just transferring my Note 2’s 3 “The One” sim card to the new Note 4. I should be able to do this shouldn’t I? Could I legally force 3 to keep me on “The One” plan ?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Allen,
      It is really unfortunate that all-you-can-eat tethering is no longer available on new contracts from Three. If you’re on an old contract, you’ll continue to benefit from AYCE tethering for as long as you stay on the old plan (this is true even after the 24 month commitment has ended on your plan). The only way to upgrade your handset and to keep AYCE tethering would be to buy your new handset outright (e.g. getting it SIM-free or on Three Pay As You Go). This is a fairly expensive option as you need to pay ~£500 for the handset and you continue to pay some £35/month for the airtime on your phone. A much cheaper option is switching over to a SIM-only plan with all-you-can-eat data. There’s 4GB of tethering included on these plans (it’s not quite all-you-can-eat but is still pretty good and will save you a lot of money compared to the old tariff).
      So to answer your question: yes, you can do this with no problems at all. However, you’d be paying a lot more than you would otherwise would need to (to the tune of at least £12/month). Unless you actually need more than 4GB/month of tethering, I’d probably recommend buying your handset outright and then switching over to a new SIM only plan.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Jon said:


    I’m on the One plan 24 month contract and I’m a little confused. On my plan it says I get;
    3 to 3 voice minutes 2000
    3 to 3 minutes 5000
    Voice minutes 2000
    Whats the difference apart from the voice minutes are for ringing other networks I take it.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Jon,
      Great question: I agree that the wording is confusing! I think this is a quirk of Three’s billing system: The One Plan has 2,000 cross-network minutes and 5,000 minutes for calling other customers on Three. I’m not sure the meaning of the first item on your list (2000 3-to-3 voice minutes) but I think it can safely be ignored!

  3. hyro said:

    Unbelievably three were offering the one plan at just £15 per month on sim only. Not sure if the deal is still on but is definitely worth a look. Fantastic value.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Hyro,

      Thanks for the comment. They are indeed still offering The One Plan for £15/month: you can see full details here. I’ll have the article updated in due course 🙂


  4. Ian said:

    Thanks Ken this is all very informative I am glad I stumbled across your site as I was contemplating joining 3 on there one plan. I never bothered having a landline installed in my flat I just used my Tesco £20-£25 a month mobile phone contract with 1GB of data. And a 3 pay as you go dongle in my laptop costing between £15 and £30 a month. But now my Tesco contract is up I was thinking of getting a Sony Xperia T from 3 on the £26 a month one plan,so apart from saying money I may get faster internet as the phone is ultrafast ready.cheers

  5. Graeme said:

    Hi Janet i’ve used 3 for 3 years now in the Greater Manchester area. No issues and my friend switched from Orange as they didn’t have food 3g coverage. You do get bad coverage in say Devon but so does every network. The customer service is good if you have technical issues but the sales side isn’t great. Hope this helps.

  6. hyro said:

    I have been on the one plan for nearly 2 years. It’s a fantastic deal. You get more minutes than you can shake a stick at – especially if your home dogs are on 3 – but the real deal here is the all you can eat data allowance. It works on exactly the same principle as my favourite local all you can eat buffet – you stuff your face till your jaw bleeds and the bill still stays the same.. I’ve never had any notable issues with signal and customer services are always pleasant and sort out any problems. When my contract is up for renewal I’ll be sticking with 3.

  7. Janet said:

    Great to read as I'm a mobile novice. However,great as this deal seems, three itself just seems to get rubbish reviews, not just on coverage but on customer support. Any thoughts.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Janet,

      Three has had a bit of a negative reputation in the past for coverage, though understandably so as they only launched in 2003. Now that the network has been around for over 10 years, coverage has got much better – there are many people who even prefer Three for their network. Your mileage may vary depending on where you live – I recommend using Three's coverage checker to make sure you can get signal where you live.

      Hope this helps!


  8. Bram de Haas said:

    Great to see these no download limits. In my country (netherlands)they still impose these ridiculous data limits and suck the consumer dry) It’s ridiculous. I’m done with telephony for a while. going for data only from now on.

  9. ashley said:

    Hi I was wondering I have virgin media and I live in a area three offer next to nothing this mean every internet provider offer same package because my area has bad signal or limited. I got the 12.90 plan internet. I’m thinking about going to one plan. For the broadband but I don’t want to get caught out for fair usage or dwbaloads problems ).I want to use Xbox or ps3 with tethering is it worth taking this plan or sticking to my broadband. On three I get boring signal. Under a bar but considering I was on O2 and vdafonne. Three is a massive increase in speed so wat. Do I do

  10. uncle_Tom said:

    Thanks Ken, your write is extremely comprehensive, luddite friendly and very very useful.

    Thanks again!

  11. RandomName said:

    This page helped me greatly whilst shopping around, thanks, but one correction to the table at the end – T-Mobile’s The Full Monty contract no longer allows tethering to new customers. Google ‘t-mobile tethering’ for sufficient information on such.

    Because of the limits imposed by O2 it meant that Three is pretty much the only option for unlimited tethering at this time.

  12. D West said:

    I'm thinking of leaving o2 and swapping to Three. I popped into a Three shop and bought a £10 SIM to try in my existing o2 iPhone (3GS.) I want to test performance for voice, text and data over the next week or so. If this testing goes ok then I will probably stop with o2 and move to Three – picking up a new iPhone 5 off Three (on 24 monthly deal) along the way. The SIM I’ve bought today doesn't work when placed in my phone so I guess I need to get this unlocked from o2 somehow, yes? Is this quick and easy? Does it cost or take time? Will I still be able to use my existing o2 SIM (and number) by swapping the card back when required?
    Thanks for your help. DW

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi D West,

      Check out my article on unlocking your O2 iPhone – it's free for Pay Monthly customers and £15 for Pay As You Go customers.

      Once it's unlocked, you'll be able to use whatever SIM card you like (O2, Three, and others).

      Hope this helps,


  13. Gav said:

    Tmobile charge you for tethering on the full monty sim only plan.

  14. charlene said:

    im getting charged for premium shortcodes what is that? thanks

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Charlene,

      These are 5 digit premium numbers that you text from your mobile phone. They can be for things such as voting for reality TV shows, ringtones, information services, etc.

      Hope this helps,


  15. ridetherhythm said:

    Would be great to compare costs across these networks for making non-geographic calls (customer contact centres including those belonging to our government!). These calls aren't included in the all-inclusive call allowances on any of the mobile networks.

  16. Imran said:

    please compare costs of dialling non geographic numbers and 0800 numbers from these networks….not a lot of point having so many free minutes per month, if you get billed for using the phone to make customer-to-business calls…eg contacting your government by phone (HMRC)

  17. Beata said:

    Hi Ken,
    I just got my iphone 4 with Three's One plan. I was not made aware that the 5000 text is just within the UK. Where do I get the info how much each text to Hungary will cost? I choose the Three network and the iphone to able to use Skype. Will this cost extra too? Thanks Bea

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Beata,
      Whoops! Unfortunately the inclusive texts are only for UK numbers – it costs 25.5p to send a text message to Hungary. If the salesperson in-store said that texts to Hungary were included, you may have a case to return your phone and cancel the contract.

      You can use Skype to make phone calls over 3G yep 🙂 Various applications are also available for international texting – this would make it much cheaper for you to text Hungarian numbers (and probably also cheaper for them to text you). These applications make use of your data connection to route texts to Hungary first before sending them over the mobile network.


  18. Johnny said:

    Ken u are actually pretty ace. This site is loads of help. I was looking for the best mobile broadband I could find but all the networks seem to have hundreds of people complaining about their service or reception or something else. But as far as I can see what ur suggesting is that you can hook your laptop up to your mobile and surf from anywhere?

    Is that what tethering is? And do you happen to know if you can use it on ubuntu? Windows won't work on my ickle notebook here and I really don't want to go back to using it. Blugh.

    Thanks man, totally bookmarking ur site right now.

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Johnny,

      Thanks for your comments! You're right: you can if you're tethering. I've written an in-depth guide on how to tether if you're interested. And providing you're using tethering over wi-fi, it will definitely work on Ubuntu – it'll work on any device which supports wi-fi. That could include your Kindle, your iPod Touch or whatever. No drivers needed.

      Hope this helps!


  19. Denise said:

    I'm quite worried about going to 3 as I've heard the reception isnt that great. I've checked the 3 website to check how my signal would be but it's not very helpful! I live in Bournemouth. Can anyone help with how the signal is with 3??

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Denise,

      A really good way of testing 3 signal where you live is to pick up a free SIM card from Three. You can do this online on the Three website or you can go into a 3Store. Put the SIM card into your current phone and check to make sure you get signal where you live and work 🙂

      Hope this helps,


  20. Mary said:

    So sending a picture from the mobile to an email address (via mms and not through the email client) is not free?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Mary,

      Nope – MMS messages are not included on The One Plan. E-mails sent through the e-mail client on your smartphone are totally free though – the picture should also be of a higher quality.


  21. Becki said:

    Is the minutes/texts to any network? anytime

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Becki,

      The One Plan features:
      2,000 cross-network minutes
      5,000 same-network minutes
      5,000 any-network texts

      Hope this helps,


  22. Chris T said:

    Are there any picture messages free within the one plan?

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately not – these cost 25p on The One Plan. As an alternative, you could send the photo as an email attachment for free.


  23. GERRY said:

    Did anyone know that when you send a contact number by mms you get charged as a picture message,bad skills 3 nnetwork

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Gerry,

      MMS messages are charged as picture messages – you should opt to send this as a text message instead if at all possible 🙂


  24. Peter said:

    Just phoned Three, your price plan is inclusive of VAT..So if it's a £35 a month that's what you pay. The £40 would have been you started the contract inbetween billing dates, and the additional £5 was the additional days coverage. I.E £40 = an extra 5 days.

  25. Alex H said:

    For those of you querying the vat. The prices include vat. Your first bill covers between a month + 5 days / +8 days hence why it may appear more.

  26. Ken Lo
    Ken said:

    9/5/11: Okely doke, article has all been updated for the latest "One Plan" changes. SIM only tariff is now a 1-month rolling contract.


  27. trebso said:

    The iPhone 4 deal looks attractive until you see you get a 'refreshed' iPhone – ie pre-used. I'd be worried I'd getting one of the early iPhone4s with aerial trouble.

  28. Tina said:

    I signed up for the £35 iPhone 4 one plan, just had my first bill in and it's not vat included, so my bill is £35 plus vat, which is brings my bill to nearly £42, I just checked my contract and it doesn't mention anything about £35 doesn't include the vat. I will be mailing three tomo, it's misleading

  29. Rodieb said:

    Please ignore/delete my last comment, I called 3 and they explained that my first bill had some extra charges on it, normally the bill will be £35 inc. V.A.T, apologies!

  30. Rodieb said:

    Unfortunately,Roxy appears to be right. I recently got the iphone4 on the advertised £35 a month one plan, because of the unlimited Internet. My bill confirms this – but has also added £7 of VAT, so my monthly bill now totals £42! I read a sizeable chunk of the terms and conditions before buying but did not see this proviso anywhere! I still think it's an ok deal, but I doubt it will be 2 years down the line, feel a bit cheated

  31. Roxy said:

    Be warned with the one plan contract, signed up for the £35 a month one and had my first bill with over £5 of VAT added! so my actual bill is £40, if you look on the websites small print says its subject to VAT change in jan 2011, well seeing as its just been made available and only lasts until begininning of jan this is clearly the biggest con ever, just say its £40 not £35 and in small print not including VAT!!

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi Roxy,

      All of the prices advertised on the Three website are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%. The VAT rise on the 4th January to 20% will increase prices slightly.

      However, this won't account for a £5/month increase. For some phones (e.g. iPhone), the One Plan is available in two variants: £35/month and £40/month. It is possible that you've either signed up for the wrong one or you've been placed on the wrong one so it's well worth double checking this.


      1. Amy replied:

        Hi Roxy & Ken this has happened on my £35 a month contract too. I got my bill today and it came out at £40 including the VAT! My mate has the same contract and his is £35 inc VAT so I'm going to query it

    2. Ben replied:

      no its not, that is the bill for the first month. Three specifically tells you that you will be charged extra in the first month and then for the other months it goes back to £35 if you don't go outside your contract (mms messaging etc).

  32. muj said:

    now internet is all you can it (unlimited) on the one plan

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Thanks for the heads up muj; we'll be updating this article as soon as Three post the updated terms and conditions on their website. We're reluctant to write anything about the changes until we've seen the small print to ensure we can write a comprehensive article. There are also a few things we want to check in the terms and conditions before deciding whether to recommend this tariff (mainly to do with what restrictions there are on data usage).



  33. micky said:

    On the "Three" One Plan it states 2000 min x network and 5000 texts or Or any combination of both. My understanding on this statement is that you should then have 7000 mins x network if you wanted, does this make sense ? !

    1. Ken Lo
      Ken replied:

      Hi micky,

      Where does it say it's a combination of the two? As far as I can see, you get defined allowance of 2000 minutes and 5000 texts with no flexibility to swap minutes for texts.


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