Switching from T-Mobile to EE? It's a straightforward process to keep your existing phone number.

Step 1: Order your new phone or SIM card from EE's website

As a special case, customers of T-Mobile won't need a PAC code when switching to EE. Instead, it's possible to upgrade directly to EE. As part of this upgrade, you'll gain access to EE's 4G network

Start by ordering your new phone or SIM card using the EE website. Please select the type of tariff you're intending to move to:

For a full list of available tariffs and the latest EE deals, please refer to this page.

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Any Other Questions?

In case of any problems during the transfer of your phone number, you should contact your new mobile network (EE) with details of the problem.

If you have any other questions on using a PAC Code, please see my in-depth guide to transferring your phone number between networks. You can also read the comments below from other visitors to this website.

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  • Hi Ken,Am currently with T-mobile on a contract thats just finished.Decided to upgrade my phone & found the best deal was on the internet.New phone arrived yesterday & I phoned T-mobile to ask for my PAC code & this was duly given to me.This morning phoned my new provider EE & was advised as T-mobile & EE are now essentially 1 in the same EE are NOT able to accept the PAC so I m stuck with the new number,however they advised I could go & buy a SIM only deal & give my PAC code to the new supplier ( say O2) then after a month cancel & ask for the new PAC & then & only then will EE be able to accept this PAC & move my old number to my newish phone.Seems a long winded way ,not to say expensive(1 month will be paying twice ) route to follow,is what I ve been told correct?

  • jim drewett said:

    Hi Im still on tmobile but fancied the samsung s6 but wasnt near my upgrade (I know I got to pay up Tmobile) so i purchased from Direct mobiles now apparently I failed to click I was with tmobile when purchasing a EE contract now im being told I have to get a virgin pay as you go sim get a PAC code from tmobile transfer over to the pay as you go then when thats transferred get the PAC code from virgin then contact EE to transfer over

    Thats what I think was said!! is there any other way around this


    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your comment. You’ve signed up with EE as a new customer on Direct Mobiles (EE are obviously a little unhappy as they need to pay a commission to Direct Mobiles for every new customer referred to their network). It’s for this reason they would have preferred you to upgrade an existing customer on their network. You’re being asked to transfer off the network and then back onto it as it would make EE’s numbers look a lot better (they’d be able to record this as a new customer acquisition).
      In reality, it shouldn’t be necessary to actually do this when moving from T-Mobile onto EE. It’s possible to submit the T-Mobile PAC Code directly to EE to move your number. For more information, take a look at the comments on this page: many of them are from other readers who’ve made the same move. By the way, don’t forget you’ll need to pay an early termination fee when ending your current contract.

  • Hello Ken, I have a t mobile monthly sim only contract but want to start a new phone contact with a third party through EE as it’s cheaper than upgrading through t mobile. I have got a PAC code, can I transfer my number to the new contract
    Thank you

    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks for your comment. It certainly shouldn’t be a problem moving your phone number from T-Mobile to EE. I recommend having a look at the comments on this page for some experiences from other users transferring their phone number from T-Mobile to EE.

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