Hyperoptic’s Hyperfast Broadband starts from £38/month and is 11 times faster than the UK’s average broadband.

In the UK, Hyperoptic offers gigabit-capable broadband from £38 per month when you choose their Hyperfast 1Gb plan. This gives you average download speeds of up to 900Mbps: more than 11 times faster than the UK’s average broadband service. You’ll also benefit from a more reliable connection, faster upload speeds and a fixed price for the duration of your commitment period.

In this article, we’ll review the Hyperfast broadband service from Hyperoptic. We’ll start by looking at what it is and how you can get it. We’ll then look at the main benefits of getting Hyperfast broadband, the availability of the service and how you can change your provider to Hyperoptic.

Prices From: £38 per month
Contract Length: 24 months
12 months
1 month rolling
Download Speed: 900Mbps average (up to 1Gbps)
Upload Speed: 900Mbps average (up to 1Gbps)
Coverage: 500,000+ homes in 57 UK towns and cities
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What is Hyperfast Broadband?

In the UK, Hyperoptic is a pioneer of full fibre broadband. Back in 2011, they were the first provider to offer ‘hyperfast’ gigabit broadband to regular British homes. Now, more than 10 years on, their network has expanded to cover more than half a million homes across 57 UK towns and cities.

Unlike most other providers, Hyperoptic is building their own full fibre network and their own fibre optic connections to each building. This means you’re able to get average download and upload speeds of 900Mbps on Hyperoptic’s Hyperfast broadband.

At present, you can get Hyperfast Broadband from £38/month on a 12-month plan. Alternatively, it’s also available on a 12-month plan and on a 1-month rolling plan:

ServiceAverage SpeedContract LengthUpfront PriceMonthly Price
Hyperfast (12 months)
900Mbps download12 month contract£19£38/month
Hyperfast (24 months)
900Mbps download24 month contract£19£45/month
with 3 months free
Hyperfast (1 month)
900Mbps download1 month contract£29£60/month

If you want a landline, this is available for an extra £2/month. Simply choose the ‘Broadband & Phone’ option when you’re on the Hyperoptic website if you’d like to add a phone line to your service.

If you don’t need Hyperfast speeds on Hyperoptic, you can choose one of their other plans from £17.99/month. This will give you average download speeds of 30Mbps (Fast), 50Mbps (Fast), 150Mbps (Superfast) or 500Mbps (Ultrafast).

Hyperfast Broadband Benefits

11x Faster Speeds

When you choose Hyperfast broadband from Hyperoptic, you’ll get average speeds of up to 900Mbps.

For comparison, the UK’s average home broadband connection has a download speed of 80.2Mbps and an upload speed of 21.6Mbps. This means the Hyperfast broadband from Hyperoptic is more than 11 times faster for downloading. It’s also more than 40 times faster for uploading (this is based on the average speeds from Ofcom’s UK Home Broadband Performance report, May 2021).

The Hyperfast speeds will allow you to download faster, and also on more devices at the same time. For instance, a HD-quality film will download in about 40 seconds (this compares to 7 minutes on the UK’s average connection). You can also download the latest console game in around 7 minutes (this compares to around 1 hour and 20 minutes on the UK’s average connection). With Hyperfast broadband, you can also use more than 100 devices at the same time without your connection slowing down (including for online streaming, gaming and more).

Full Fibre Broadband

Hyperoptic offers full fibre broadband where the fibre optic cable goes all the way into your building. This differs from normal fibre broadband where the fibre optic cable only goes to a cabinet near your home (the ‘final mile’ between the cabinet and your home will use an old copper connection).

Because it’s a full fibre connection, you’ll benefit from more reliable connectivity. You’ll also benefit from a lower-latency connection which makes things more responsive (especially when you’re playing games online).

Symmetrical Speeds

On Hyperoptic, you’ll benefit from symmetrical speeds. This means you’re able to upload at the speed you download.

There are numerous benefits to having a faster upload speed on your broadband. This includes a better experience for online gaming, for cloud storage and for video calling on multiple devices at the same time.

On Hyperoptic’s Hyperfast plan, you’ll get average upload speeds of up to 900Mbps. In contrast, most other broadband providers offer asymmetrical speeds on their broadband. This means the upload speed will only be a fraction of the download speed (typically between 4 times slower and 20 times slower).

Fixed Prices

On Hyperoptic, you’ll benefit from a fixed monthly price throughout your minimum commitment period (which can be up to two years). This sets them apart from many other providers who have an annual price increase built into their plan – with prices increasing by as much as 3.9% above the rate of inflation.

In addition, Hyperoptic also offers a Price Match Guarantee on their plans. This means they’ll match the price from other providers if you’re able to find the same package for less elsewhere.

Customer Service

Hyperoptic offers 24/7 access to customer support via email, phone and live chat. Their Trustpilot reviews tend to give them a high rating for customer service, with an average Trustpilot score of 4.7/5. This is based on more than 13,000 customer reviews.

Coverage & Availability

At present, the Hyperoptic service is available in more than 500,000 homes across 57 UK towns and cities. Their full fibre network is mainly available in blocks of flats and some newer-build developments.

To check the availability of Hyperoptic’s service where you live, enter your postcode on their website:

Check Hyperfast Broadband availability →

According to Hyperoptic, they’re launching in new buildings every week so you can register your interest if it isn’t currently available where you live.

Switching to Hyperoptic

If you’re currently using another broadband provider, it’s easy switching to Hyperoptic.

Start by ordering your new Hyperoptic broadband plan online. When you do this, you’ll be able to choose your Hyperoptic installation date. You can get the service installed as early as the next day (subject to availability), or you can choose an installation date up to 3 months in advance.

Once you’ve ordered your new Hyperoptic service, you can contact your existing provider to cancel your old broadband service. This can be timed for the same day that Hyperoptic goes live or you can stagger the two if you want to try Hyperoptic alongside your current provider.

On the date that your Hyperoptic broadband service goes live, an engineer will install the service for you. You’ll then be able to connect to your new Hyperoptic service.

For step-by-step instructions on how to switch to Hyperoptic, please select your current broadband provider below:

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More Information

For more information about Hyperfast Broadband, please see Hyperoptic’s official website.

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