EE has a range of benefits for customers who connect their families & homes with EE. Discover their family benefits & smart devices for your EE plan.

In the UK, EE has recently expanded their mobile offering with a discount of up to 30% for customers taking more than one mobile plan. You can also save £20 per month on unlimited data plans when you have EE home broadband, allowing you to get an unlimited data SIM card from just £10 per month.

Alongside this, EE has made it possible to add a range of other devices to your plan, including smartwatches and other wearable devices. You can also upgrade your home with the latest gaming hardware, laptops, tablets, and smart home devices, with the ability to pay monthly on your EE bill.

In this article, we’ll look at EE’s customer benefits when you take additional products from them to connect your family and your home on EE.

1. Save up to 30% and share unused data with a Family Account

As an EE mobile customer, you’ll get a discount of up to 30% when you add an additional line to your account. This means you’ll be able to save when your family is also on EE, with discounted SIMs and airtime plans.

When you have multiple lines on your EE account, you’ll also unlock their Family Account benefits. For instance, this makes it possible to see how much data each person has remaining on their plan. You’ll also be able to move spare data between them.

According to EE, you’ll get a 30% multi-line discount on all airtime plans that are taken with Flex Pay (device loan), SIM only or Data SIM. On traditional Pay Monthly plans that are taken with a phone, tablet or laptop, you’ll receive a 10% multi-line discount.

2. Manage your family’s parental controls using My EE app

When you have an EE family account, you’ll be able to use the My EE app to manage each of your family’s plans on an individual basis. This includes the ‘Content Lock’ settings which can block age-inappropriate content. You can also change the bill caps and controls on each line to prevent unexpected charges.

If your child is getting their first mobile phone, EE offers the PhoneSmart License. This is a free resource for parents and children to learn how to stay safe and be kind online. It covers aspects of online behaviour such as cyberbullying, fake news and the risks of social media, with interactive content and quizzes to try.

If you also have EE broadband, you’ll be able to manage your WiFi controls inside the My EE app. This will allow you to do things such as pausing the WiFi on your children’s devices during mealtime and after their bedtime.

3. Save £20 per month on unlimited data plans when you have EE broadband

If your family has EE broadband, you’ll get a massive discount of £20 per month on EE’s unlimited data plans.

With this £20 discount, you’ll be able to get an unlimited data SIM card from just £10 per month (for speeds of up to 10Mbps). You’ll also get access to flexible plans on a rolling 30-day contract, plus a free ‘unlimited data boost’ on existing plans that cost £10 per month or more.

If you’re yet to join EE broadband, they currently offer a range of fibre broadband plans from £28.99 per month. You can get download speeds of up to 1.6Gbps if full fibre is available at your address, and some of the plans come with an inclusive subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (6 months or 12 months).

4. Add a smartwatch & stay connected without your mobile phone

Often, it’s not that convenient to always have your mobile phone with you (for instance, when you’re off to the gym, or when you’re going for a run). To stay connected, you can add a smartwatch with data to your EE mobile plan, such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. With it, you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls and text messages on your usual EE mobile number – even when your mobile phone is not in range.

If you’re looking for other wearable devices such as smart glasses, fitness trackers and Bluetooth smart watches, these are also available to buy from EE. As an EE mobile customer, you’ll be able to add the cost of the device to your plan, where you’ll pay monthly for it over the next 12 months.

5. Upgrade your home with the latest technology

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest technology, there are other devices available that you can add to your EE mobile plan:

  • Gaming Bundles: You can buy a range of consoles and other gaming hardware from EE, such as the Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and the Meta Quest VR headset. As well as being able to pay monthly for it, there are additional benefits available when you add the bundle to your EE mobile bill. For instance, when you buy a Xbox from EE, you’ll get 24 months of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included, along with the Gamers’ Data Pass and the Video Data Pass for your mobile phone.
  • Laptops and tablets: You can add a range of laptops and tablets to your EE mobile plan, either with or without data. There’s also a range of accessories available from EE such as monitors, smart keyboards, the Apple Pencil, and more. You’ll be able to add these to your EE mobile bill so you can pay monthly for them.
  • Smart home: EE also offers a range of smart home devices including speakers, displays and smart doorbells. You’ll be able to add them to your EE mobile bill so you can pay monthly over 12 months.

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