How To Transfer Your Data To A New Smartphone

Are you upgrading to a newer smartphone? Find out how to transfer your old data including phone numbers, text messages, photos and apps.

If you’re changing to a newer model of smartphone, you’ll want to keep old data including phone numbers, messages, photos and apps. Rather than copying everything over manually one-by-one, there’s normally a faster way which will save you time and effort. In this section, we highlight some of the best tools and tips for migrating your data to a new smartphone.

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  1. Kevin said:

    Brilliant website thanks for the detailed step by step guide for number porting.

    How about a guide for transferring data from an Android phone to an iphone?

  2. rachel said:

    Hi Ken,

    I lost loads of my photos on my S4 when I ran out of storage. I didn’t have an SD card, just the phone’s storage. Is there a safe way to retrieve them?


    1. Ken replied:

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your comment. Do you know what happened to the old photos on the S4’s internal storage? Were they deleted from the phone or simply hidden? If deleted, the files may have since been overwritten so it could be difficult to get the files back. It might be possible to use a data recovery app but your mileage may vary depending on the length of time files have been deleted.

  3. Colin said:

    What a fabulous website, thank you!

    Regarding transferring data, is there a preferred way to reuse your micro SD storage card in your new phone? Previously I just moved the card between old and new phones and this ‘sort of worked’. The main problem seemed to be that the old and new phones didn’t seem to use identical storage folders, so I could only get at some of the data with a 3rd party app such as ‘ES File Explorer’.


    Colin C

    1. Ken replied:

      Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure there’s really a recommended way of moving your SD card between two phones. Many handsets (e.g. Samsung) should still find your files even when they’re saved in a different folder from normal. In your case, the best thing to do would probably be to use a third party file manager to move your old files into the newly created folders (the folders which are utilised by your new phone). I personally use Astro File Manager but ES File Explorer should also be a fine alternative 🙂

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