BT offers SIM-only mobile deals such as 6GB data for £9, 20GB data for £12 and 50GB data for £15 if you’re a BT Broadband customer.

In the UK, BT offers SIM-only deals for your mobile phone from £8 per month (£13 per month if you’re not a BT Broadband customer). You’ll get access to EE’s 4G & 5G network on your BT Mobile SIM card, along with access to the BT Sport app included on plans from £15 per month.

In this article, we’ll look at BT Mobile’s latest SIM-only deals including the best SIM card offers currently available. We’ll also look at the benefits of choosing a BT Mobile SIM card including access to the BT Sport app and the £5 per month discount for being a BT Broadband customer. We’ll also look at the coverage on BT Mobile and how you can keep your current phone number when switching to BT.

BT Mobile SIM Only Deals

At present, BT offers SIM-only deals from £8 per month if you’re a BT Broadband customer (or from £13 per month if you’re not a BT Broadband customer).

For the best value deal, you can choose one of BT’s 24-month contracts. For instance, you’re currently able to get 20GB of data for £12/month. Alternatively, there’s 50GB of data for £15/month with access to the BT Sport app included (prices include a £5/month BT Broadband discount):

BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited5GB£8.00
24 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited10GB£10.00
24 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited40GB£15.00
24 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited100GB£20.00
24 months

For extra flexibility, you can choose a shorter 12-month plan. For instance, there’s 6GB of data for £9/month (including a £5/month BT Broadband discount):

BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited4GB£8.00
12 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited8GB£10.00
12 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited12GB£12.00
12 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£15.00
12 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited40GB£20.00
12 months
BT MobileUnlimitedUnlimited100GB£25.00
12 months

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All of the prices shown include a £5/month BT Broadband discount. If you’re not currently a BT Broadband customer, it may be worth getting BT Broadband so you can benefit from the £5 monthly discount. At present, there is a £110 reward card available when you sign up for BT's Fibre 2 broadband. You can see all of BT’s broadband deals available at your address here.

BT Mobile Features

BT Sport App

One of the key benefits of joining BT Mobile is the fact you can get the BT Sport app included with your plan. You’ll get access to the BT Sport app on all SIM-only deals costing £15/month or more (or on plans costing £20/month or more if you’re not a BT Broadband customer).

With the BT Sport app, you’ll be able to watch all of the BT Sport channels on your mobile phone. This includes exclusive games from the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and more. For example, the following Premier League games in August and September are exclusive to the BT Sport channels and available through the BT Sport app:

  • Man Utd vs Liverpool (14th August)
  • Liverpool vs Burnley (21st August)
  • Man City vs Arsenal (28th August)
  • Crystal Palace vs Spurs (11th September)
  • Wolves vs Brentford (18th September)
  • Chelsea vs Man City (25th September)

You can also watch live sporting action from rugby union, boxing, MotoGP, UFC and more (see the BT website for some of their upcoming highlights). There are also on-demand sporting documentaries, shows and films available to stream through the app.

BT Broadband Discount

If you’re living in a home with a BT Broadband connection, you’ll get a £5 per month discount on BT’s SIM-only deals. This brings the price of your SIM-only deal down to as little as £8 per month.

If you’re a BT Halo customer, you’ll get double data included on all of BT’s SIM-only deals. In addition, there’s an exclusive BT Mobile unlimited data SIM card which is only available to customers with a BT Halo plan.

Family SIM Offers

If you’re looking for an extra BT Mobile SIM card (e.g. for other family members or for other devices), you can benefit from BT’s Family SIM offer. This allows you to get up to five BT Mobile SIM cards, with a discount of at least 20% on additional SIM cards you add to your plan.

In addition to getting a discount on all additional SIM cards, you’ll get one combined bill for all of your SIMs. You’ll also benefit from additional flexibility as the extra SIM cards can be added or removed as you need (they work on a 30-day rolling basis). You can manage the parental controls setting separately for each SIM card, making it perfect if you’re giving a SIM card to your kids.

The following table shows BT’s latest Family SIM offers:

Data Allowance Initial SIM Card Price Additional SIM Card Price
1GB Data £7/month £5/month
6GB Data £9/month £7/month
15GB Data £12/month £9/month
40GB Data £15/month £12/month
100GB Data £25/month £20/month

The prices shown for the initial SIM card include a £5/month discount for BT Broadband customers.

To give an example, you might choose two BT Mobile SIM cards, each one with 6GB data per month. You’d pay a total of £16/month for the two SIMs (£9 for the first SIM card and £7 for the additional SIM card). You can use the calculator on BT’s website to see how much a Family SIM bundle will cost.

4G & 5G Coverage From EE

You’ll get access to EE’s network and coverage when you’re using a BT Mobile SIM card. This includes 99% population coverage on 4G, as well as 5G coverage in 160 UK towns and cities.

If you have a 5G-ready phone, the inclusion of 5G coverage on BT’s SIM-only deals can give you much faster download speeds. You can expect an average download speeds of 150-200Mbps when using 5G (making it around five times faster than 4G). You’ll also benefit from more network capacity and a lower amount of latency so the overall experience should be much smoother when you’re using your mobile phone.

Before signing up for a BT Mobile SIM-only deal, you can double-check the coverage that’s available in your area. To do this, enter your postcode on BT Mobile’s online coverage map:

Check BT Mobile Coverage ( →

BT Wi-Fi Hotspots

As a BT Mobile customer, you’ll get unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots. This allows you to get online in lots of places without using the data on your plan.

At present, there are more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK. Locations with a BT Wi-Fi hotspot include shopping centres, train stations, cafés, restaurants, service stations and more. You can enter your postcode on the BT Wi-Fi website to find nearby hotspots.

If you’re not a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, you’ll normally need to pay £15/month for unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots.

Keeping Your Phone Number

If you’re switching from another network to BT Mobile, it’s a straightforward process keeping your current phone number.

Start by asking your current mobile network to provide you with a PAC Code. You can get one through your mobile network’s website or app, or by texting PAC to 65075.

Once you have a PAC Code from your old network, order your new SIM-only deal from BT’s website. You can either give the PAC Code to BT when you sign up for your plan online or you can wait until your BT Mobile service goes live. Once you’ve given the PAC Code to BT, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day.

For step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your phone number to BT Mobile, please select your current mobile network from the drop-down menu below:

PAC Code Finder: Transfer Your Phone Number to BT Mobile

Select your current mobile network:

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More Information

For more information about BT’s SIM-only deals, please see the official BT website.

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