O2’s “Simplicity for iPhone” tariffs now from £15/month; unlimited texts

February 26th, 2010

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O2 are offering a range of “Simplicity” tariffs for iPhone users from £15/month with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and internet.

Yesterday we were the first to bring you news of the updates to O2’s iPhone tariff and the incorporation of “unlimited” texts onto their iPhone tariffs. O2 have today announced a much larger range of “Simplicity for iPhone” tariffs which are all available online. This includes a £15/month tariff which is the cheapest iPhone tariff to date.

Simplicity for iPhone is a SIM-only tariff for your iPhone. SIM only tariffs are contracts which only provide you with airtime and do not provide you with a free phone. They offer good savings (about £180/year) to people who already have their own iPhone and have completed the original contract length. It’s also ideal if you’ve purchased a second hand iPhone or had one handed onto you.

What tariffs are available?

You can now choose from 5 different “Simplicity for iPhone” tariffs which all including unlimited texts. Each tariff is available on either a 1-month rolling contract or a 12 month contract. There is a £5/month discount for the 12 month contract.

Minutes Texts Web & Wi-fi Monthly Cost (1-month contract) Monthly Cost (12 month contract)
100 500 500MB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £16.50
300 Unlimited 500MB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £21.50
600 Unlimited 500MB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £26.50 £21.50
900 Unlimited 750MB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £32 £26.50
1200 Unlimited 750MB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £37 £32
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB & Unlimited Wi-Fi £52 £47

All of the tariffs include visual voicemail.

We think that the £15/month iPhone tariff (300 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited web and wi-fi, visual voicemail) on 12 months is a real highlight – certainly the cheapest iPhone tariff on the market.

Which tariff should I choose?

Creative Commons License photo: Jeff Kubina

The right tariff for you would depend on how many minutes you regularly use. Once you’ve used your inclusive airtime, it will cost 20p/minute to make a phone call so costs can quickly add up. Make 400 minutes of phone calls on a 300-minute tariff for example and you would end up paying £40 that month (£20 for the base tariff plus £20 for calls). It is often better to choose a tariff with more minutes than you require than to exceed your airtime allowance regularly.

Another important decision is whether to go with the 1 month rolling contract or the 12 month contract. The 12-month contract has a £5/month discount. If you’re looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4 in the next 12 months, you may be better off with the 1-month rolling contract.

How much money will I save by switching to “Simplicity for iPhone”?

Typically, about £15/month or £180 per year providing you are happy to sign the 12-month contract. For example, you might currently be on the old £35/month iPhone tariff (600 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited internet). By switching to the £20/month “Simplicity for iPhone” tariff (12 month contract), you’ll get 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB internet! A saving of £180/year as well as extra texts. If you’re concerned about the 500MB internet usage limit, see our guide to what this means in the real world.

How does Simplicity for iPhone work?

When you purchase “Simplicity for iPhone” online, O2 will send you a new Simplicity SIM card. You need to insert this new SIM card into your iPhone. You can also ask O2 Customer Services to transfer your existing phone number onto your new SIM card. Remember to cancel your existing iPhone contract – otherwise you will keep paying for it.

Who can get Simplicity for iPhone?

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Creative Commons License photo: Jeff Kubina

As these tariffs are now available on the O2 website, it looks like anybody can get “Simplicity for iPhone”. This includes customers who bought an iPhone on Pay As You Go or who originally purchased their iPhone on a different network (providing it is unlocked). If you have come to the end of your original iPhone contract, you should switch to a SIM-only iPhone tariff as soon as possible.

Can I tether on “Simplicity for iPhone”?

Yes. You can purchase 3GB of data for £10 per month. This is available when you purchase the tariff online.

Where can I get Simplicity for iPhone?

Previously you had to call O2 Retentions to get the Simplicity for iPhone tariff as it was a secret tariff only available to people who wanted to leave. They are now available online which makes it a lot easier to get them:

What are the alternatives?

We would say that 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £15/month is pretty hard to beat. That said, if you’re looking for more minutes or you experience reception/reliability issues with O2, it’s worth shopping around. Vodafone also offer two SIM-only tariffs aimed at the iPhone. You can also check out our guide to SIM only tariffs for the smartphone.

How about the standard Simplicity?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get the unlimited internet bolt-on with the standard Simplicity tariffs any more. I strongly recommend against signing up for a standard Simplicity tariff as you will spend a lot of money on data charges. Be sure to select “Simplicity for iPhone”.

What if I don’t have an iPhone yet?

It is often cheaper to purchase an iPhone on PAYG and then use a Simplicity SIM card with it. See our guide to this loophole and find out whether it’ll work for you.

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  1. dave said:

    If you don’t make a lot of calls then you could spend £10 a month with a 30-day tmobile sim only contract. It’s not unlimited data (despite being called that, thanks to the toothless regulatory bodies) but it does allow 1GB under the `fair use` policy so this may be enough for you.

  2. Jonty said:

    Great advice – just changed from £45/month to simplicity for £25/month and, as it’s a monthly contract it means I’ll be able to upgrade when the next model is released. Very helpful customer support – highly recommended. (Just note that mms is not included in the tariff – but guess it’s easy enough to send photos by email)

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