Major O2, Tesco, Giffgaff mobile network outage tonight

May 11th, 2010

Update (17th May 2011): This post has been receiving a lot of traffic relating to today’s O2 network outage in North & East London, Essex and Kent. The following pages contain information relevant to this downtime:

The rest of this article refers to an outage which occurred on the 11th May 2010 which we covered on this website.

It seems like there is a major nationwide O2 network outage tonight and other networks which rely on O2 such as Tesco Mobile and Giffgaff. If you’re having problems with your phone tonight, or having problems getting through to someone, this would be why.

I’ve received a huge number of messages from readers: both people on O2 as well as O2 mobile virtual networks such as Tesco Mobile and Giffgaff.

The problem started at around 8:30pm. As of 10:30pm, O2 have just acknowledged the problem on Twitter:

There’s an issue affecting our service in some of the UK. Sorry – our engineers are investigating and we’ll update you when we can.

Update: A post on the O2 forum:

“There has been a network failure at a YATEs point where construction work has knocked off the power. The whole of the O2 network in the UK is having problems due to this…

“This outage is down to a major power failure which is affecting both cellular and data services… it is also affecting some elements of service provided by other operators.  Unfortunately this is outwith O2s control, but as it’s a pretty major outage – I’m sure it’ll be fixed fairly quickly. It’s unfortunate it happened shortly before the call-centres were closing…”

Update: It looks like this issue was fixed around 3am this morning, meaning the O2 network was down for 6.5 hours last night. Reports from readers of being woken up by queued texts arriving throughout the night. Questions will now be asked as to how a single point of failure could have taken down the whole O2 network.

For more information:

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  1. lullaman said:

    appartly there is another outage today 11.07.2012

  2. Nathaniel McInnes said:

    Its just been confirmed to me that Tesco Mobile are still have major issues and some o2 customers are again unable to make outgoing calls, but can send texts.

    I’m with Tesco Mobile and can currently receive incoming calls/texts, but can not call or text. Come on 24 hours now of downtime? This is stupid! What type of multi-billion pound company can have a single point of failure such as this? Whats more, lack of communication from both companies?

    O2 instead of taking down your support site last night, replace it with a sentence just saying you are having difficulty with your network. Even send out a nationwide text to everyone!

    If i ran my business like this, i would be out of a job. As to any company! Your customers are your most important assets! Once they have been lost, 99% of them have been lost forever.

  3. Paul Amery said:

    What clowns are running the 02 network? I mean really.
    Maybe now Brown has departed number 10 he can take over their crappy network and run into further into the ground.

    7 hours without network connection or ability to make calls in a major city (Bristol). I think not. And do 02 have the courtesy to post a single update on their home page? No.

  4. Chris said:

    By the looks of it, it covers south wales and the south of england and the south west up to about birmingham (m4/m5)

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